Once the research design has been implemented, it is time to synthesize and analyze the results. This section of the dissertation is obviously the most technical, for it will involve critical thinking, the ability to sift through data, and mathematical proficiency. Within this results section, you will need to:

  1. Justify your research methodology and support its validity and appropriateness for the research questions
  2. Provide a detailed accounting of the research results, as they relate to the question
  3. Explain unexpected results, if there are any
  4. Reduce the importance of nuisance factors
  5. Provide a thorough quantitative and qualitative statistical analysis to determine any statistically significant results, using the appropriate formulae.

The results section, in fact, provides you, your committee, and future readers and researchers with the critical information that informs your conclusions and relates your research directly to that which was made before you. It will build on that research, provide new and important data, or negate what others have done before you. In order for this section to have the impact you want and that your committee expects, you cannot afford even the slightest of errors. If you are nervous about your results section, contact Super-Dissertation.com immediately.

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