If you have completed research papers at the graduate level, you are somewhat familiar with this type of dissertation writing. You determine a topic and a thesis and then search for academically worthy sources to read, study, and use, as you produce the paper. The dissertation literature review is like regular research on steroids. In this situation, you have a research problem and hypothesis, and you must now locate the work of other academicians and professionals that relates closely to your research problem. These works will include other dissertations (published and unpublished), articles in field journals, and other published and/or presented work of those who are in the specific area of research in which you are about to delve.

All dissertation writers agree that this is the most tedious and time-consuming part of the production. The task of locating the best and most relevant resources itself can consume weeks of work. Then there is the terrible fear that you have overlooked one or more truly relevant pieces and that one of your committee members will fault you for it during your defense. Once you have located all of the source material, you then must read and study each piece carefully, so that the research is presented accurately and referenced appropriately. In many instances, particularly with primary sources, you will be required to write annotations for your bibliography, so, once you have completed a piece, it is probably a good idea to complete the annotation while the content is still fresh in your mind. All in all, the literature review is cumbersome, to say the least.

Why not turn the literature review over to a professional Ph.D. researcher in your field of study who has already produced numbers of literature reviews for dissertation-level students. Looking at your problem and hypothesis, s/he will develop the critical keywords for an online ERIC search, review all of the results, and select those pieces that most directly relate to your research. Then, the content from each piece will be skillfully recorded and referenced and turned over to you. If annotations are required, these can be written as well.

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