The dissertation introduction is usually the final chapter actually produced, because most authors really need to see and read the entire work before gathering their thoughts for a compelling and effective introduction. If one waits to write the introduction chapter, s/he has the literature review, the research data and the results of that research firmly established before tackling the job of introducing the readers to what they will encounter.

In general, the dissertation introduction will include the following:

  1. It will introduce the research question and hypothesis, briefly referring to the literature reviewed on the topic and to the research project methodology
  2. It will indicate that the research project validates earlier research, adds to earlier research with some new perspective, or questions the conclusions of earlier research
  3. It will provide a strong statement relative to both the purpose and the importance of the project – providing the reader with a clear idea of what it adds to the existing body of knowledge on the topic and the resultant implications for further research.

Doctoral candidates often struggle with the introduction chapter, not because they are unsure of their research and its implications, but because they have difficulty translating its significance into the written word.

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