Dec 13, 2017 in Research

Community Policing

Ideologies and Methodologies

Community policing (CP) is a strategy that involves the community working together with the local police to help prevent crime activities, reduce the fear of crime and improve the quality of life in the society at large (Palmiotto, 1999).These are the ideologies that are associated with CP. CP relies on the communities that strive for change as far as crime activities are concerned. Good relations between these two parties must be there. The police must have an open system that is ready and willing to listen to the community. The community voluntarily gives information on matters that may affect the peaceful coexistence among themselves because they believe that this will assist. These rules have always worked with CP.


CP ensures that there is a good rapport between the community and the police department and this result to the community freely volunteering information because they believe in this strategy. The positive relation will help reduce crime activities in the society because the same people involved with these acts of felony come from the same society (Miller, et al, 2011). It enables a community look after itself because members prevent planning of incidences such as terrorism. The good relationship improves the living conditions of the society. The community becomes more educated on community policing. The positive relation does not go well with all the members of the community because some people feel like they are betrayed by friends and family members, which may put at risk the life of anyone who volunteers information (Palmiotto, 1999).

War on Drugs

CP can be used to fight any act of felony, including gang that deals with drugs. This is because drugs come from these communities affecting the youth and the community indirectly. The community can be educated on how to spot and report drug incidences that cause crimes in the area (Miller, et al, 2011). Most members of the community may fear gangs that deal with drugs, but community policing may be used to reduce this fear. Safety and confidentiality of people who volunteer information should be guaranteed.

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