Dec 13, 2017 in Research

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking

Smoking is a harmful and expensive habit. People spend money on cigarettes instead of spending them on healthy habits, hobbies or entertainment. Due to the fact that smoking is often considered to be an adult habit a lot of children who want to become grown - ups start smoking. Smoking is especially popular among students before they have to take an exam, while hanging out with friends, working or learning. Smoking is a habit that has more disadvantages than advantages. One may even hardly agree that there are any benefits of smoking. Smoking habit has an immense impact on health, wallet and social life of a smoker.

It is widely believed that smoking is one of the main causes of death. It is also considered that the habit of smoking increases the risk of getting such harmful diseases as lung and mouth cancer, asthma, coronary heart disease, severe problems regarding the bladder, throat, pancreas and kidney. It also damages arteries, eyes and digestive system. Among the disadvantages of smoking one can easily name the waste of money (smokers usually spend thousands of dollars a year), a variety of diseases, permanent cough, and lost interest in sports.

Since recent times, smoking has become increasingly unpopular in many countries making smokers face social difficulties. Non-smokers try to seize communication with smokers to a minimum, as they want to avoid the risks for their health posed by secondhand smoke. In addition, smokers have to leave public places to feed their habit. Smoking leaves an unpleasant odor on clothes and things peoplewear. It also causes teeth stain that results in an unsightly smile. In addition, it causes unpleasant breath. Moreover, smoking is the reason of low birth weight among babies. Among the greatest disadvantages of smoking is an addiction to nicotine. Once a person becomes addicted, it is really difficult to quit. 

It is obvious that disadvantages of smoking far outweigh its advantages. However, there is a belief that smoking helps to eat less and become slimmer (tobacco suppresses the appetite and overall desire to eat), be happy, get temporary relief, helps to make a conversation and break the ice in awkward moments, and is a good social booster. Smoking is often treated as a way of coping with stress and relieving anxiety. Smokers often combat stress with smoking and at the same time increase the level of pleasure and happiness for a short period of time. It is also believed that smoking lowers the risk of mental illness and neurological disease. The hands are always busy, a cigarette in the morning prevents headaches later in the day, amuses friends and makes a person to become a part of the party blowing smoke rings, helps to have a plenty of small breaks while doing a boring work.

In conclusion, despite some advantages, smoking habit has a variety of disadvantages. In spite of a number of benefits which smoking has, according to smokers, advertisements and various campaigns, the majority of us know that the habit of smoking is hazardous. The above mentioned advantages seem to be a justification for smokers as they do not really see any reasonable point in smoking. It is a false idea that smoking helps to fit in with the crowd, attract attention, become popular and cool, and calm down the nerves. A lot of people suffer from the risk of smoking every day and the majority of them is the youth which does not even realize the harmful effect smoking can have on their future life, health and environment in general. 

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