Dec 13, 2017 in Politics

Protecting the US Global Interest


In recent times, the global economy has gone under several dynamics which cannot be ignored. For the last thirty years, the economic power has been shifting to emerging superpowers like China, Brazil, India, and South Africa among others. This means the influence that US and Western European countries had has been dwindling at an alarming rate. In the previous decades these countries had an enormous influence across the globe. In this type of scenario, US need to change its foreign policy if it has to remain relevant in the world stage. This can be attributed to the fact that their strategy of using economic sanctions is no longer working because of globalization. If US decide not to do business with a certain country, other countries will fill the gap. This means it will affect negatively the country’s economy in the long run coupled with the loss of economic influence in the world.

Arab Israel Conflict

In the Arab-Israel conflict, the US should completely change its approach in terms of dealing with the conflict. Their policy of openly supporting Israel should have limitation for the sake of protecting the country’s interest in the region. First, if they change their approach the Arabs will take US peace efforts more seriously than at the moment where it is obvious that bias exists. Secondly, it could promote good working conditions between US and Arabs countries across with the chances of even creating a peace agreement. We can coin this argument on the fact that most Arabs in the region always perceive Israel like a country that oppresses them and the United States as a big brother who supports it. The feeling of being oppressed because they are weak has created resentment and hatred towards both countries which can be easily dealt with. Thirdly, this approach can help to boost US image across the world because it will be in line with their policy of advocating for democracy and civil rights. In some quotas for example, most countries perceive US as a country that has a double standard when dealing with other countries especially in the events of the Middle East. For example, their soft approach when Israel attacked Lebanon a few years ago.

Confrontation with Iran

In the case of Iran, a different approach should be used to deal with the issue rather than rhetoric talks and sanctions. It is in the public domain that other superpowers like China and Russia have been using Iran to frustrate US in a number of occasions. This has worked in painting US in a bad light across the world because they are regarded as aggressors. Although Iran has held radical views about Israel including their desire to wipe it out of the Middle East it is unlikely that those things can happen in the foreseeable future. In the meantime the situation has only affected US economically and in terms of their foreign policy. They should therefore use dialogue to solve the crises while at the same time improve on cooperation as a strategy of making Iranian to cooperate. This strategy would also give American companies a chance to do business with the Iranian government which is essential in boosting US economy and protecting their market base which in recent years is being eroded by the Russian and Chinese. For example, the oil companies could easily promote relationships between the two countries due to the mutual benefits they will generally attract. On the other hand, other companies for example, Boeing could also expand its market share to Iran hence creating more employment in the US.

Economic Interests as a Driving Force

Economic analysts have occasionally pointed out that US will be surpassed by China as the world largest economy in the next decade. One of the major implications of this development is the country loss of economic power to China across the globe. In other words, US will not be able to use its economic muscles to coerce foreign governments in some aspects. For example, it will have no major effects if US imposed trade sanctions against Iran due to its nuclear weapon program because the effects will be easily covered by China. In this type of situation, US need to abandon its policy of advocating for democracy and other issues for the sake of safeguarding their economic interests. If the country does not change at the moment in the future they won’t have the capabilities of promoting these policies. It is therefore important that the country focus on policies which will make it remain a world leader in various aspects for the sake of promoting democracy and other values. If they uphold their economic interests other countries will freely engage in business with US without fear of repercussion incase they change their domestic policies.


In conclusion, we can argue that the issue of globalization has made it harder for a country to survive on its own. In the case of the Middle East, their oil remains an important aspect in the world economy and US heavily depend on it. The rise of Russian and Chinese influence means that it is important for US to promote strategies that will help the country to remain economically competitive. For example, it’s irrelevant not to buy oil from Iran because Chinese will buy it and it will be sold to US firms working in China. In this type of economic cycle it affects only US while Chinese benefit as they continue capitalizing on US policies.

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