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Aurora Constitution

The construction and development of the United States of America Constitution began as early as the 13th century. With the development of the American Constitution, the American government went through a series of changes in terms of independence and creation of states. Being a part of the earth’s colonists headed to space, Aurora will for 200 years be independent and have its own laws. The Aurora carries colonists from the following countries India, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Taiwan. The colonists who are to occupy the ship Aurora will be known as citizens and will live as a community.  This constitution will have a number of Acts that will unify and coordinate these groups. It is to act as a guideline for the citizens of Aurora and lead to a peaceful co-existence for the next 200 years.

1.0  Governance of the Aurora

The governance of Aurora will be done on a rotational basis of 4 years. Which country is first to rule, will be determined randomly by a computer simulation. This simulation will give each country a random number between 1 and 6. In this order will each country get their chance to rule Aurora. Each Country will be responsible for producing the overall leader to represent them in the overall government.

The original numbers picked are to be used as the key for the rest of stay in the pod. Each country will at a point rule and have the numbers from the other state. For example, if India is number 1, after 4 years of ruling, they will then become number 6 and those that were number 2 become number 1 and so on and so forth.

1.1 Description of Power

The head leader of the Aurora will be known as a Prime Minister (from the country with the number 1). According to the ascending form of the numbers, from the smallest (1) to the highest (6), so will the positions be handed over  to the particular country. The rest of the order will be determined by those chosen by their people into the government. This will ensure peace among all the countries that will co-exist in the Aurora.

1.1a Description and structure of the house

The leader will be a prime minister who will have two deputy prime ministers (from number 2 and 3). Then there will be a President (from number4) who will have a vice-president (from number 5). The final position, the house speaker (from number6), will be given to the country with number 6.

1.2 Prime minister’s election

The automated system will only be done once at the beginning. After that, the countries will rotate accordingly. Each country is given the responsibility of choosing the leader they believe will represent them accordingly in the overall administration.

In the case that the Prime minister dies, the next in power from the same country or culture as the leader will take over the mantle. This will be so until their rotational period at the helm is done. However if all the leaders are in agreement, a person from another country may be chosen, but for only that period of time. Once the tenure is over, the rotational ruling may go on.

2.0 Basic human rights Bill

This bill gives all members of the Aurora equal rights to access all areas of the ship without prejudice of any kind. They all have the right to vote in their respective pods/ territories where they are required to do so. The majority will always win.

None of the citizens of Aurora will be prosecuted or persecuted because of their culture. Be it by way of dressing, eating or religious beliefs.

3.0 The Amendment Act

Amendments may be made in areas where the law is outdated, where it acts like a tool to enslave or hinders the basic rights of any individual in the ship. If in any way the laws are used to oppress the people, it may be amended.

4.0 The Emergency Act

Aurora will be acting as its own state and therefore in any case of war from outside, threats or an attack on the ship, the ship is allowed to seek aid and help from other ships. It is a matter of high esteem the Aurora people shall not abandon their own wherever they live on this ship or any other. These concerns and many others that may not be stated here will plaque the independent ship in the years ahead but will hopefully lessen over time.

This is a federal structure of governance. This will allow the other governments to come together as one in the overall structure. Corporation among the countries will be ideal for all to coexist peacefully and also enhance devolution of resources down to the weakest members of the society.

Why this constitution should be adopted

The constitution clearly gives a brief on the flow of power that is changeable but not easily changed. Having a federal system of governance allows the people of Aurora to still have their own freedom as individual states. This will ensure that cultures do not end up interrupting each other hence enhancing a peaceful co-existence in the Aurora. Each country/ colony will have the independence to live as they believe and also practice their traditions. This however should not be a way to find to annoy or anger your neighbors. 

This constitution speaks for all. It is also fair as it accommodates all. However, it does have clear indications of what is to be done and gives precise instructions to be followed. This constitution has all the main fundamentals which do not need further clarifications.

This constitution can adapt and adjust to any condition which includes the future generations. It may even be adopted for use in the new planet without any need for changes. It also has a section for the bill of rights. This is a major necessity and hence gives individual liberty by providing appeals.

This constitution also allows for the legal sovereignty to coincide with the political sovereignty. This means that it represents the needs of time and is suitable for the economic needs as well as the political and social needs as well. The design of governance is very essential to a good and practical constitution (Shively, 9). This is where the citizens’ independence is defined and should be protected.

This form of governance and constitution allows for devolution. I strongly believe that devolution will ensure that all citizens of the Aurora will have access to all that the ship has to offer in terms of resources. This constitution also encourages other common interests and brings different cultures/ countries together by giving them a common ground. By allowing different governing bodies to form one government, it gives way to a common goal; evolution. This brings together different states which will enhance harmony in the Aurora. The different leaders will also represent the different groups aboard the ship hence making sure that each country’s/ group’s needs are represented at the overall government.

The bills of rights protect all members of the community from unfair prejudice. The ship Aurora has a collection of different countries that have different cultures and some may end up prosecuting or punishing other members unfairly for their traditions. This may include dressing, eating, customs and the like.

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