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Global Health

Global Health

It is the health of people in a worldwide context. It goes beyond the perspective, and it concerns individual countries or states (Jacobsen, 2008).


It is the state of an individual having a complete mental, physical, and well-being but not just the absence of infirmity or diseases (Jacobsen, 2008).

International vs. Global Health

International health focuses more on health policies, systems, and practices in countries other than in a single country. It stresses more on the differences between the countries rather than their commonalities (Jacobsen, 2008). On the other hand, global health is used to describe health concerns or issues that transcend any regional or national border, culture, race, and ethnicity (Jacobsen, 2008).


World Health Organization is a specialized organization of the United Nations, and it is responsible for any international health issues or concerns (Labonte, 20011).

Risk Factors

A risk factor is a variable that is associated with an increased disease, condition, or infection. For example, smoking is a risk factor to lung cancer (Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors, 2008).

Healthcare Disparity

This is lack of equality in health outcomes and access to healthcare services in a population within the healthcare system (Williams, 2007).

Causes of Death According to Who

In low-income countries, lower respiratory infection is the principal cause of death. In high income and middle-income countries, Ischemic heart diseases are the principal cause of death (Labonte, 2011).

Causes of Death on Florida

They include cancer, heart diseases, chronic lung disease, accidents, stroke, diabetes, kidney diseases, suicide, and homicide (Florida, 2011).

Socioeconomic Risk Factors

The major socioeconomic risk factor to diseases is education and income level of individuals where a person with low educational level is prone to more diseases. Poverty also exposes individuals to diseases.

Context of Disease

These are circumstances leading to the occurrence of a disease in a population.

Maternal Health

This is the health of a woman during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period (Thompson, 2004).

Child Health

It is the mental, physical, emotional, and social comfort of children from infancy through puberty (Macfarlane, 2006).

Child Diabetes

It is a condition in which a child’s pancreas fails to produce insulin resulting to type 1 diabetes (Macfarlane, 2006).

Healthy People 2020

It is a platform by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It was set as a program of nationwide promotion of health and prevention of disease.

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