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Abortion defined as “the termination of pregnancy”. Stopping the woman's pregnancy would mean to destroy the embryo or fetus. This process to the pro-life supporters is the same as killing a baby; as they believe, the fetus is a separate human being. People who are pro-choice will argue that the fetus is still dependent on its mother and therefore is not a separate human being until the birth stating that abortion is not murder. Given the basic understanding above, abortion should remain legal, because it is not a murder and there are many economical, social, and political factors that contribute to making abortion a safe choice.

Firstly, to explain why abortion is not a murder, one must understand when a fetus is considered a person. From a religious perspective, a baby is considered a person before anything has been developed. However, this is unreasonable as a baby has not been developed and is still dependent on its mother. Others will argue that a baby can feel pain if an abortion is performed; however, it is not until about the 24th week of pregnancy when the nervous system and brain structure are able to communicate thus providing the ability for the child to feel pain. In addition, abortion will never occur after this 24th week of pregnancy; therefore, abortion is not murder and does not take away a person’s right to live.

The economy today has been declining with no sigh of bouncing back; this has a huge impact on the society in many different ways. Everyday, people are losing their jobs and homes being not able to provide for their families. The economy places a huge reason why abortion should be kept legal due to many economical factors and struggles. Abortion rates have been directly related to the economy: “Abortion numbers go down when the economy is good and go up when the economy is bad, so the stalling may be a function of a weaker economy” ( The Guttmacher Institute, which makes survey on abortions in the U.S., reported that in 2008, there were 1.21 million abortions, in other words, 19.6 abortions per 1,000 women aged from 15 to 44 that ended the steady decline in abortion since 1990 ( statistics supports that in a time of recession, abortions will generally increase due to many economical factors and will decline when the economy is good.

The worsening economy is often a large part of why women have abortions. Often, women choose abortions because in a struggling economy, they simply cannot afford to raise a child. Birth control becomes a burning issue. Usually, one cannot afford birth control when they are struggling to provide for the families. Under these circumstances, unwanted pregnancies will often increase. Therefore, women should be able to have an option of abortion, because if they are not able to afford birth control, they are barely able to afford a child. Instead of focusing on the cost of abortion, the focus should be made on other ways of contraception such as the cost of birth control.

Despite all the debates, an immense deal of a problem still lies with the issue of abortion. Naturally, every country has its own view on abortion. In countries like the USA and Britain, abortion is legal, and in this case, they have a new definition of it altogether. Abortion in these two countries is defined as the loss of pregnancy before the twentieth week of menstrual age ( The majority of the countries still term abortion as illegal, and this has brought a lot of debate.

In the countries where abortion is illegal, many people are dissatisfied. It causes a real life threat to the females. This is manifested in the fact that women will continue taking abortion, and since it is illegal, they have to do it in unprofessional ways. The unprofessionalism in the way abortion is being conducted can be shown where fetuses are found dumped near rivers and forests.

Those who support abortion believe that women have a right over their bodies and should not suffer at the expense of the unborn baby. Furthermore, they continue to argue that life begins at birth and not at conception. Thus, women have rights over their bodies and can go ahead to terminate the pregnancy ( On the positive side of abortion, it can be used as birth control mechanism. In this case, the woman can use it to control the size of the family. Birth control is not only beneficial to the family but also to the nation since the resources are getting less day by day. In a case where incest has occurred, it is advisable to take abortion since in such a case, children with complications may be born ( Rape cases are on the rise, and when it occurs that a woman is pregnant out of rape, it is in the best interest to take abortion other than to bring to life a child that will hurt her the rest of her life.       

To save the lives of many women, abortion should be legalized. When abortion is legalized, all the procedures will be conducted in a better environment and by professionals in that field. Hence, the chances of complications as well as loss of lives will be reduced dramatically.

The debate on abortion has been profoundly based on the grounds of policymaking. A new perspective has to be borrowed. For example, it is much wiser to deal with social issues that lead to the so-called unwanted pregnancies. Courts have also attempted to unravel the issue of abortion. The Roe vs. Wade is a historical Supreme Court Decision that was made on January 22, 1973 and legalized abortion in the United States( .The Wade court decision passed that during the first and second trimester, the state would allow abortion under certain circumstances. The landmark of Wade decision was seen as a success and was profoundly welcomed by the majority of women in the world (Lewis, n.d). Also, an opinion held in America indicated that 60% of individuals interviewed believed that abortion should not be banned altogether while 38% believed it should be permitted when the life of the mother is in danger. 22% thought that abortion should be legal at all costs(

A conflict arises between pro abortion and anti abortion groups. The people’s believes are usually associated with such social markers as age, sex, and religious affiliation. The social issues connected to abortion include overpopulation, unwanted kids, abuse, poverty, and the risks brought by illegal abortions. If to speak about poverty, pro-lifers contend that a poor mother today is poor tomorrow as well no matter whether she makes abortion or gives birth to the baby. Issues such as poverty and job security are not dealt with by killing a fetus. According to the statistics, about 21.3% of women who decided to have abortions could not afford the baby. Other 78.9 percent had abortions for the reasons not related to poverty.

The legalization of abortion means that one could procure an abortion at any time they want without any questions asked since it is their decision. Making abortion legal would ultimately eliminate any right to life for the unborn child. A person could just go to a hospital and acquire an abortion based on temporary feelings. Making abortion legal could also make it a fix for having unprotected sex which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. This should not be the case as there are various forms of contraceptives that people should be encouraged and educated to use. The view that a woman should be allowed to procure an abortion if they are not well enough financially to take care of a child is not a sufficient enough reason to make abortion legal. People should be aware of the risks of having unprotected sex and should be educated on the use of various contraceptives. This would help to avoid a situation where they are limited to choosing between the cost of raising a child and the cost of an abortion. There are also a lot of people trying to adopt children since they cannot get their own ones. Women can give their children up for adoption thus giving them a chance to live.

In conclusion, the problem associated with cases of abortion can be solved amicably by its legalization. The advantages of abortion being legal outweigh maintaining it at an illegal state. In this spirit, legalization of abortion will bring more good to the society as a whole.

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