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Organizational Leadership


The Daimler Company manufactures the Mercedes type of vehicles. In the company’s website, they state that their vehicles are always modern and extremely efficient. It is one of the leading automotive companies in the world where they produce efficient, comfortable and safe vehicles (Nixon, 1948).). This company is not limited to the four- wheel variety of cars their innovations extend to financial services that complement their product ranges. These services include, insurance services, leasing and financing. They also have mobility concepts as well as fleet management services.

Daimler Company has several core competencies which they could utilize to father gain advantage over their competitors, like General Motors in the industry. One part of the company that is seen with great success is brand management. The strength of their marketing is that it is well known in the parts of the world. Even in places where cars are not common in the transportation, the company is known well. It has the advantage of focus and rapid response to problems in their industry.

My choice to join the Daimler Company is because of its diversity. It has a wide area especially in its strategy plans, and they are quite successful in it. In this company, they nurture, the view points of employees, their skills though different, and opinions. The fact that they have a set of guidelines of which the employees should follow ensures clarity and sets a clear and distinct line of rules. It is a business which has rules, laws and regulations. This makes them a company with integrity. When recruiting, they match the opportunities strategically with the skills of the employees. The people or the employees are the root of success in any business endeavor. This ranges from employees to the consumers. Daimler Company has therefore become a leading company in producing vehicles.  

Daimler Company passionately committed to providing personal mobility for people around the world. The company delivers outstanding products and services that improve people’s lives.” Daimler Company’s vision, values, and strategy is a great inspiration to anyone considering to venture into his own business and the automotive industry (Williams, 2009). The company created a vision and values that are in tandem to their strategy. Change is crucial to any company to stay competitive and provide quality products or services to consumers. All companies and managers should learn a lesson from Daimler Company book because not all companies have seen both sides of the financial spectrum and still be one of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Though they have a different management structure where they have the ability to hire, retain, deploy, and engage talent at all levels. It is the only true competitive advantage the organization possesses .Working at Daimler will be a perfect fit since I will have the opportunity to develop my skills and talents. It is quite rare to find one’s a real place in an organization.

At Daimler, they have the ability to get effective talent in their management process. They also have a clear understanding of the business strategies for the company. It is easy to identify any of the gaps in the organization and realize the need to drive business. They have accurate information on how to hire, and exactly what promotional ideas and decisions to be used. They focus mainly on the talent strategies that are quite effective during any implementation process. When conducting career development, Daimler considers the position of the organization as compared to the competitors and then decides on what career development process to take (Smith,1972). For instance, the company considers the need to develop certain skills of employees to increase productivity. Secondly, Daimler considers the customer service as well as the quality of products the customers need and also the quality of staff they have and the quality of education that they need to have (Niles & Harris, 2009).

I believe that my skills will be transformed and be refined with time. This will be a significant impact especially in their financial reports. I am looking forward to working with them since they continually have a challenging work environment which will prove to be meaningful. Since my professional skills will be significantly transformed, I will have a career actualization. My work will not interfere with my family life. I will endeavor to balance between the two. Working in a non- traditional environment will be attractive to me since the lines of authority are modernized.  As Saba quotes, “We are a global automobile manufacturer that has steadily lost market share. He endeavors to find the needed to shake up the status quo, rejuvenate the brand, and give the action-orientation required to turn things around . I find this experience of more than hundred years to be what I need to define and enhance my career.

Organizations should ensure that their employees are satisfied with the working conditions so as to have quality products as well as to provide quality service to customers (Mockler,2007). This will ensure attraction of a large market share and thus lead to increased productivity. With increased skills of the employees, Daimler will continue to create a good reputation to the public, due to their willingness to train their staff. Organizations that introduce career development are in a better position of remaining competitive in the market. Their competitors will not have improved skills as those depicted in those organizations that practice career development.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was born on 24th February, 1955 to his parents who were students at University of Wisconsin. His parents gave him up for espousal even before he was named. Shortly after the espousal, his biologic parents got hitched and had another child who was named Mona Simpson.  Despite this, Steve Jobs was only able to uncover the reality about his parenting after some time. Steve Paul Jobs got his name form Paul and Clara Jobs who adopted him and became his parents. The parents worked as an accountant and a coast guard/ machinist respectively. The family lived in Mountain View, and as a young boy Steve Jobs and his father worked on electronics in the family garage. His father trained him on issues of electronics, and this gave him the confidence, mechanical superiority and persistence.

The Leadership Style and Attributes of Steve Jobs

Apple is a company that depended largely on its leaders. Steve Jobs was a visionary leader whose insights led to the introduction of wildly successful products such as the iPod and the iPhone. If it was not for Jobs, Apple would still be struggling in the market trying to sell computers. His visionary leadership qualities are manifested in his biography, and at the different institutions and companies he incepted or worked. Steve balanced his unique qualities, such as strategic thinking and a social innovation, with his mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions in transforming his visions into real life successes.  Responsibility to actions is another quality that Steve Jobs had as a visionary leader (Cusumano,2011).

Among all the leadership theories, Steve Jobs can be described as a transformational leader who tries to upgrade and bring change to the organizational culture. Jobs was highly proactive in motivating the subordinates. His biography clearly stipulates that he was always acutely attentive to the needs of his workers, and always motivated them to achieve their full potential. In addition, Steve possessed brilliant visionary and management skills, which were demonstrated by his ability to stimulate and provide individualized attention to the subordinates, thus acquiring a lot of support from the workers. Steve’s return to Apple was quite timely, since he transformed the organization making it one of the profitable companies in history.

Jobs realized that he had a rare form of pancreatic cancer. This was the lowest point in his career.Although he had the option of an operation to treat his illness, he chose for an alteration in his pescovegetarian diet as he weighed his treatment choices.  He postponed surgery for nine months, and his decision made the board at Apple skittery. The fear was because the board thought that shareholders would withdraw their investments if they knew that the CEO was ill. He had a successful surgery in 2004, but later remained mum on issues relating to his health.

Steve’s transformational style of leadership was clearly evidenced in the way he helped the company introduce new brands, and innovations which resulted to increase in sales and acquisition of bigger market share. During Steve’s reign as the company’s C.E.O, Apple strategically acquired new markets like Asia, which had few mobile brands with a growing use of cell phones. In spite of the fierce competition from its main rivals Dell, IBM and Intel, Steve used his visionary skills, and advised the company to diversify its products, segment its market share and adopt a low cost leadership strategy. As a result, the company gained more consumers and maintained the market leadership position (Liu 2010).

As a visionary leader, Steve Jobs introduced strategic marketing tactics which changed customer attitude towards its products. For instance, Steve recommended that the company adopts a low cost leadership strategy by making its products customer friendly. As a result of Steve’s vision for the future, Apple formed alliances with other service providers such as Orange, and AT &T, to control the pricing of its products. This resulted into low pricing, thus influencing consumer attitude. Apple Company also opened more stores and gave customers an opportunity to try out Apple products, and get practical guidance from the Apple staff. As a result, consumers developed a positive attitude towards Apple products. (Robert & Christopher 2009i).

Steve Jobs assembled a team of talented and dedicated executives to work with him in managing Apple. He created an environment that facilitated the occurrence of marvelous things, which in turn made employees members of the quality control team. They set high quality standards that the organization’s new employees had to follow strictly.

Kundart (2012) states “Steve’s ability to achieve the vision of Apple company was attributed to his competence, simplicity and purity”. The legendary aspects of leadership shown by Jobs cannot be robust, to adequately make an anticipated prediction about the futurity based on the current leadership theory. The guidance and vision provided by Jobs surpasses the requirements of current leadership theory. Given that he was an icon in the industry, Steve was a leader who matched leadership and culture of success. Surety on gaining confidence at the place of work, and navigation of the organization to a wholesome new extent are some of the exceptional leadership qualities seen in Jobs.

Under his leadership, Steve Jobs always embraced career growth, since he represented the culture of organizational success, and embodied the vision of exceptional user experience. His overall ability to take actions in response to any prevailing situation, or any situation the company undergoes is some of the exceptional qualities that are in line with the tenets of leadership theory.  Although, Steve Jobs was described as no nonsense person, he had the wisdom of choosing situations, where he could take stances of varying magnitudes.

According to Harvard Review (2011) Apple’s leadership style was based on transformational leadership style. Steve Jobs blended western style in leadership with the Japanese style, which comprised of the ability to imagine, design, implementation and innovation for new products. This attributes also applied to the company’s marketing styles, brand management and management of human skills resources. Steve Jobs based his leadership style on trust and utilizing people’s skills and abilities. He put enormous trust in his employees and encouraged innovativeness. Despite economic hardship and recession, Steve’s spirit on keeping the brand name synonymous and continuous innovation with high quality products, kept Apple on top of the electronic and PC industry.

Steve’s style of leadership was based on innovativeness and high product quality as well as effective brand management. Since innovation brings leadership Jobs saw the strength of innovation in building his company. Since its inception, Apple has continued to take market leadership in the industry. Steve Jobs was always up with innovative and new ideas, new initiatives and the spirit of moving the organization forward. Constant innovation at Apple Company in congruent with the company’s mission to move forward. This has enabled the company to successfully implement its strategies, thus keeping the organization ahead of the other players in the industry.

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