Dec 13, 2017 in Management

Detailed Description of the Marketing Issue

Cole supermarket is a chain of a company that is owned by Wesfarmers in Australian. Cole supermarket deals with different products in its marketing activity. The company profit in the recent years has been increasing because of increase in number of customers and offering of good services to customers the issue affecting the growth of the supermarket is the introduction of new products and distribution and marketing channels of grocery products.

Introduction of new products in the market make the company experience some loses because when the company cannot sell out the products they purchase from its supplier, the product may either get out dated or have low sells. When introducing new products in the market, the company should fast advertise the product so that customers can get family with the product. Market and customer analysis need to be conducted to help the customers to have knowledge on the services and products available in the supermarket and to know the customers most pressing needs and if the product will sell in the market when introduced. Cole supermarket have experienced loses because of introducing a new product in the market without conducting market and customer analysis.

The factor that affects the growth of Cole supermarket is poor distribution and marketing channels used by the management. The company does not provide after sales services to help attract customers and market its products and services to the public. Poor marketing has caused Cole supermarket to experience a reduction of customers and reduction of sales. Cole supermarket has to come with new ideas such introduction of after sales service and do advertisement about their products and services.

The two key issues affecting the performance of Cole supermarket should be addressed by using managers who are cable of developing the supermarket activities and able to market the company services. The supermarket has the capability to make double profit if the issues are addressed at advance stage before realizing late the company is experiencing some loses. The leakages that make the supermarket get loses should be covered and services improved

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