Dec 13, 2017 in Literature

The Stolen Party

The ‘Stolen Party’ simply means that the party was too good to miss. The fact that a girl from a humble background attends the party means that she went there without being invited because the party belonged to the rich people only. The mother pleads with the girl not to attend the party because the party belongs to the rich people like her boss. ‘Stolen Party’ revolves around Rosaura who is the maid’s daughter. Rosaura goes ahead and attends the party and ends up winning the best present at the party courtesy of Senora Ines. This becomes the origin of the term ‘Stolen Party’ as nobody thought that the maid’s daughter would win such an important present.

Rosaura convinces her mother that she has to attend her friend’s party though the mother discourages her by telling her that they are not in the same class with the hosts of the party. The mother says, "I don't like you going, it's a rich people's party." The daughter does not agree with the mother and she tells her that even the rich go to heaven, drawing the statement from the religious studies she undertakes at school. She stands by her decision to attend the party by saying that it was her best day in her life. Rosaura studies together with her friend Luciana at her home every afternoon while Rosaura’s mother is doing the cleaning. This shows that their friendship was real rather than what Rosaura’s mother had used to say of their friendship. The little girls were into each other and even they kept most secrets between them.  They were inseparable as they took care of each other (Hecker, 1994).

Rosaura was very hard-working at school as she usually emerged the best in her religion class. This shows that she took her studies very seriously and that her friendship with Luciana was true as they took education very serious. Rosaura admired her friend’s house and she even admired being rich one day and lives in such a house together with her mother. The reason behind her going to the party was that she wanted to show her mother that even the poor have their place in the society and that not all the rich people are liars or treat the poor badly. Further more she didn’t like to let her friend down by not attending the party. She wanted to attend the party more than ever (Green, 1993).

The situation at hand is the party itself as it had stolen Rosaura’s heart and this made her feel very useless if she never made it to the party. She even made it clear to her mother that she would die if she never attended that particular party. The most intriguing instance she most admired to see at the party was the magician and the monkey. Her mother had prepared her dress to the party meaning that she too accepted her daughter’s attendance. She also considered her daughter’s happiness and wanted to show her as much love as possible.

At the party, Rosaura was the most reliable girl among the other girls at the party. She assumed the duty of serving the other guests as she was the only one who knew specific places around the house. She was the only one allowed to enter the kitchen where the magician’s monkey was kept to collect the required items for use at the party. The time for the entertainment session came and Rosaura won every event and she was also very entertaining. She was even courageous enough to perform alongside the magician as the others were already frightened (Untermeyer, 1942).

The party ended with a session of present presentation where members of the party received presents. Rosaura managed to scoop the best prize as she was the best behaved at the party. Rosaura and her mother were very happy and they thought they were in another world. This party was indeed the best for Rosaura and it was also her best day ever in her life.

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