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Quality Education in the Middle School


Middle school was put in fill the gap between the elementary school and high school. In the middle school, students for the first time get an opportunity to attend classes of their choice. Over and above that they are allowed to choose their subjects.  In other words, the middle school shapes the education of these young people for their future careers. The middle class creates a base upon which further studies are conducted. The importance that scholars get quality education during this stage cannot be over emphasized.

The school where I am the principle has the 6th to 8th grades of the middle school. I am expected to get 150 students; 50 for each stage. I have to ensure that the students get quality education putting in mind that there is a budget restriction. There are ways in which I can achieve this which I will analyze. They include: hiring only teachers for the students, hiring of teachers and acquiring of, rolling out co-teaching, and establishing large classrooms with multiple aides for the students.

Acquiring teachers only for the students

Teachers are indeed important to students.  The teacher plays the roles such as being a source of information, mentoring, instructing, instigating for change in the institution, developing of curriculum, and facilitating learning for students among others (Howes, 2010). The teacher is all these things to a student; a mentor, an informer, a motivator, a leader and a role model (Eichhorn, 1966).  Students will spend a great deal of their day with the teacher as compared to even their parents and guardians. Therefore, I feel that teachers to be hired should be competent otherwise the quality of education in the school will be a disservice to the students.

Therefore, I compare the compensation of teachers in a school that offers quality education; the Paterson School District, a public school in New Jersey. The salary guide says states that remuneration is done according to academic qualification. Academic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree, masters and PhD. The starting salary is inclusive of the benefits. The starting salary is $ 48,062. The standard size of a class is about thirty students. Therefore, this would result into about hiring five teachers. The cost of hiring teachers would be about $240,310.

The cost of teachers with an aid

Aides help enhance the teaching in the classroom. There are various types of aids auditory aids, visual aids, and audio- visual aids. Some teaching aids are cheap. Such include globes, chalkboards, and pictures among others. Some aids are quite expensive. Such aids include computers, projectors, and some software. The major strength of using aids is their ability to differentiate instructions and enhancing memory.

Acquiring of aids and teachers will increase the cost of education by a great deal considering that there should be at least a computer for each two to three students. However, on acquiring the learning aids, we might not have to do the acquisition again.

Research the cost of co-teaching

Co-teaching terms the act of two professionals teaching hand in hand. Co-teaching has its advantages. It allows for flexible grouping of students, ensures students are actively engaged in learning, and provides students with consistent support and mentoring as well as facilitating collaborative problem-solving. The cost of hiring an instructional teacher according to Paterson School District remuneration guide is $ 23,101 benefits included (starting salary). For the five standard size classes, the combined remuneration for both members of staff will be $ 355,815. This is for a pair of a teacher and an instructor per class.

Research the cost of having a large class with multiple aids

There are a myriad of demerits of having overcrowded classes and replacing teachers with teaching aids. The process is way cheaper than hiring teachers and instructional assistances in the long run. However, it compromises on the quality of learning. Research shows that a standard class is about 30 students (Howes, 2010).

Establishing large classes with multiple aids would mean putting up about 50 students in one class. Crowding of students in a classroom makes it hard for students to receive personalized assistance. Aids cannot replace teachers. It has been established that while some students can perform well without aids no student can perform well without teachers’ assistance.


After evaluation of the above options, I have noted that the cost of acquiring complicated aids is quite expensive as the students are many. There are other options that are cheaper and apparently more effective than multiple aids.  Buying computers for the students would cost a fortune. This can be replaced by acquiring cheaper aids and employing of the teachers assistances. This is co-teaching coupled with simple aids as charts, and chalk boards among others. The issue of acquiring multiple aids and crowding students in a class is out of the question.

Students cannot be taught by just a teacher and a co instructor. There is a need to enhance the learning process with a few aids whose cost is negligible. As noted earlier, co-teaching gives students a high quality and personalized education. It is this type of personalized education that ensures that students’ issues are addressed. Such issues include bullying which is a major concern in contemporary times. The reduced class sizes will also ensure that students get a feeling of belonging to a community (Juvonen, 2004). When placed in a class of about 50 students, students tend not to be as close as when the class is smaller. The community feeling enhances learning.

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