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Online Social Networking

This article looks at the effectiveness of the social networking in the current generation.

According to the Oxford dictionary ‘Effectiveness refers to the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result; success. The desired results are always positive and acceptable.

According to the AIU university dictionary “Effectiveness refers to the degree to which objectives are achieved and the extent to which targeted problems are solved. In contrast to efficiency, effectiveness is determined without reference to costs.” It simply refers that effectiveness away of going something right and good.

According Dr. Destiny Namwamba, a philosopher and a lecturer at Kenyatta University effectiveness refers to running things smooth but not perfect.

Some companies create programs and online resources to give a chance to people to communicate with each other easily. These companies merge a bunch of services in the same place, which are called online social networking. However, while comparing provided services in the online social networking to the old communicate methods, such as email, instant messenger, and forums, we may notice that new companies gather the number of improved services in a social media mean. It is clear that this social networking has positively affected communication between people. The most important goals for establishing the social networking is to share activities, pictures, and interests with others, and help people make friends no matter their language or race. The role of technology use and social networking in people's life is extremely vital as it fulfills the goal of making people closer to each other. This goal is crucial, despite the fact that social networking has some disadvantages.

Millions of people are attracted by several online social networks. In fact, communicating with families, friends, and other significant people is extremely important to maintain interpersonal relationships in communities around the world. There are many advantages for using this kind of sites. Sharing pictures, chatting, video, comments, groups, and sharing interests are provided to people for free on Facebook. Facebook allows people to use aforementioned services and even more. Thus, one of social networks’ features is the ease of connection and communication between people. For example, a person who lives in a desert can contact people in another corner of the world. Furthermore, a person can share their daily activities with the followers. The world became a small village with the revolution of modern communication, especially social networks (Boateng & Boateng 21).

Social networking resource needs to be relevant in order for people to realize the advantages of it. It needs to present benefits to customers and companies involved in social networking. Fundamental changes in social networking are realized in the way commerce is changing, and more businesses are conducted online. Many organizations are employing the social media to reach out to their customers and also to demonstrate their services and products to the target groups (Parks 23).

When social networking tools are combined, businesses are being transformed to enjoy making better decisions faster, as well as build stronger relations between the organization and customers.

Research shows that the companies that use social media outperform their competitors that do not employ social networking. It can thus be argued that using social media in businesses results in better performance. Social technologies enable organizations to create new cultures in business which gives them the opportunity to share ideas, gather expertise form colleagues and clients, respond to problems and create new products.

Organizations achieve better financial results by combining social networking with sophisticated analytics that help determine the areas of improvement. With the adoption of social technology, employees are able to tap creativity from ever changing business dynamics. Networks of people both inside and outside the organization can collaborate in order to enhance creativity and efficiency.

A social networking site is a good way of connecting people with similar goals and interests such as staff members, students or alumni of a school. Online connections between people with similar interests’ give them the opportunity to learn and exchange new knowledge. Confidence among young people can be gained through the social media particularly when they are in a new environment. In schools, teachers can create social blogs that will be used for learning (Parks 16). Students can use the social media to discuss educational topics and school assignments. The large social groups found on the online media platforms help reduce the risk of acquiring health problems and promote individual’s quality of life. Social networking has boosted the economy of many countries through creating online jobs and improved sales and incomes.

Over fifty percent of people learn breaking news through the social media including Twitter and Facebook. In the United States, sixty seven percent of the federal states law enforcement departments use social networking in arresting and prosecuting criminals. Twenty eight percent of all people in the United States rely on the social media for all the news.

Nearly seventy percent of adults visit social networking sites to find new friends and connect with their families. It can thus be argued that the social media enables people re-discover their relationships and also find new friends. Companies nowadays are using the social media in recruiting new employees. More than sixty four percent of companies use the social media and it is an efficient tool in searching for new employees.

Social networking can also pose many threats to the society.  First of all, security and privacy of person registered on the platform and their public information. Since the social networking such as Facebook and Twitter offer free service there might be the lack of security of the information shared. For example, when people try to input user name and password into MySpace account, they are still at risk of others viewing their profile and misusing their personal information. Another example is if the privacy setting of Facebook is not chosen correctly, any other person can join the group and start managing it (Parks 34).

Refutation; I don’t agree the issue as in most cases as the private account as they are called it is very difficult for someone to access into an individual account without the correct password therefore the mentality should not apply.

Secondly, lack of face-to-face interaction; people claim that the introduction of social networks has led to the lack of face-to-face interaction in the current society. The popularization of Facebook and MySpace has been compared to the introduction of calculators, which had affected student mental mathematics ability.   People use most of their time on the Internet while at work, hence facilitating conflicts with the managers resulting to poor performance. The use of Internet at work place may cause waste of time and loss of revenue for the employer (Boateng & Boateng 13).

Refutation; I don’t agree as it the support face to face interaction more than the use of telephone when you miss your longtime friend it is simple you can just send him a message and then organize when you can meet hence it encourages face to face meetings

Thirdly, the use of social networking has resulted into unlimited sharing of information, which can cause problems mostly in the intellectual property area. The most affected people are in the entertainment industry, because these websites allow people to download movies and music for free. Therefore, consumers are not willing to pay or buy motion pictures and music because they are sure these products can be got for free on the Internet. Most recently the owners of intellectual property have taken action against the websites that illegally share the music, videos, and software without following the proper protocol.

Refutation; the use of social networking has help in doing marketing of the company products and should not be blamed for the poor performance of the company. The music industry should also appreciate the introduction of social networking as it help in marketing their song and making the musician famous.

The fourth negative outcome of social networking is potential relationship infidelity and marriage break ups. The majority of people interacting on Facebook will put their relationship status “single” and yet they are married. As a result, some users meet new friends and build a new relationship without knowing that the other partner may be involved in a serious relationship. This type of behavior may cause quarrels between a husband and a wife later (Parks 13).

Refutation; the social media as help and should not be blamed for marriage break ups as it has help people to meet and build good friends and later own get married.

Lastly, social networking may impact schooling and employment. Most students get into trouble with the school administration due to the misconduct, which results from the thing they post on their Facebook wall or Twitter. These can be either pictures or general updates about their lives. Many students are being turn down by the employer for internships and jobs because of the information that the employer gets from applicants’ social network accounts. Employers take information that students post on their social site as relevant, which potentially may reveal their real characters (Parks 12).

Refutation; When people say Facebook can spoil someone reputation while seeking a job that tend to be a joke instead it help people to know how to address their fellow colleges. Lack of jobs for the youths should not be blamed to social media.

In conclusion it is needed to say that when it comes to social networking such as Facebook, blogs and RSS feed the pros outweigh the cons. Although there are many disadvantage of social networks, advantages are endless. Social networking media are helpful in keeping in touch with fellow colleagues, getting update with just a mouse to click, and there might be something to be excited about. Everyone should take time and protect themselves when registering on the social networking site and use common sense. The society should embrace technology to be prepared for the changes (Boateng & Boateng 23).

This paper has looked at the advantages and disadvantages of the social networking in the society. The positive impacts of social networking need to be enhanced in order to improve the people’s quality of life. Online social networking contains social links and other additional services on the Internet such as instant messaging. Social networks are centered on individuals where they allow the sharing of activities and ideas within individuals’ network.

Social networking mainly involves the active young people, and this creates an opportunity for them to be involved in the public sphere. This is because young people are participating in the creation of the content and managing all that is happening online. Young people feel that they are collaborators in development and also team players.

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