Dec 13, 2017 in Computer Technology

Cyber Crime

In the recent times, we have seen some rapid growth in technology. This coupled with globalization has brought about changes in the running of day to day activities. There are many advantages derived from the penetration of technology though with it comes other negative issues such as cyber crime. Cyber crime involves malpractices such as hacking of websites, illegal access to administrators’ passwords, illegal activities such as cyber-theft and intimidating program such as viruses and worms.  In my organization where I’m the operations manager, cyber crime is an emerging threat that is likely to affect swift operations if no measures are put in place. In my research paper I will look into the vice and the alternatives available.

One of the major solutions to cyber crime is to completely avoid embracing the technology. This option, however, has severe consequences to the organization. Technology is crucial to doing business as it reduces the workload and make the task easier. The other alternative is to bear the consequences of the cyber crime through restraining taking any action against it. As the operations manager, I cannot undertake this move. It is a big risk that can absolutely disintegrate my organization. The other plausible solution is to engage strict monitoring system such as employing guards everywhere the system is used. Although this is an effective way, it is costly to use; the operations require complex and sophisticated networks.

This paper will seek to provide a solution to how cyber crimes can be prevented. A number of techniques and solutions that can stop this vice will be presented such as finger print authentication. The sources of the information will mostly be obtained from secondary sources. Since cyber crime is an emerging issue, it will be challenging to find historical sources. In my research, I will use relevant academic journals and e-books which are listed below.

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