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Cine Bar in Ireland


Cineworld Group operates a chain of cinema theatres in United Kingdom, Ireland and Jersey. Although the chain comprises of 80 cinemas, there is only one in Ireland and 78 in UK. With only one cinema in Ireland, the neighbouring city is the busiest in Ireland in terms of both customer base and number of screens (Hill, 2006). In Ireland, Cineworld is ahead of the pack, but complacency should not be allowed to have a place in this organization as the cinema industry in the world is changing fast. The group has to ensure that it does not “leave money on the table”. All options must be explored and utilized to ensure maximum profits from this cinema business. Cineworld opened its first cinema in 1996 and has been opening cinemas ever since.

Although there are new cinemas to be opened in Ireland, they are already long overdue. The Cineworld group must open new cinemas as soon as possible and ensure that quality of the cinema experience does not go any lower (Woods, 2011). In fact, it should go up. It is possible for people to make film watching comfortable in their homes. The group should work toward ensuring they remain on top in doing this.

Some screening rooms at Cheltenham cinema for instance offer premium table service and food.   For the group to remain on top of the cinema game, all cinemas in Ireland (the present one and the coming ones) should pririoritize on offering spectacular services   (McFarlane, 2005). The group however has to be applauded for its card service for prescription of movies. This has given so much convenience to the cinema business during this technological era. Some areas to be emphasized on include the range of products available on display. This will ensure everybody has something they can keep their eyes glued to. The group also allows no food and beverages from any other place besides from their establishments. They should ensure that varieties of food and beverages they offer, satisfies all their customers.

In the recent past, some organizations have launched technologies which have revolutionized the cinema industry. These include The IMAX Corporation, D-BOX, and Red among others. Failure to incorporate this technology will see organization lose most of its business to other competitors. They include fellow cinema operators, home based film display devices among other technologies that are rapidly coming up. The cinema industry enjoys a competitive edge of creating an experience that cannot be found at home or by other devices when watching films. This today and in the future is however at risk as technology has seen some technologies come closer to replicating such experiences outside cinema halls.

There has been the launching of the ultra high definition 4K technology for consumer technology whose clarity is spectacular. This has alarmed the players in the cinema industry and some measures have been taken. For instance, the IMAX Corporation has come up with laser projectors. The laser projectors are a new technology as the previous projectors do not have the required high contrast ratio to work with laser and achieve 4k resolution (Rockett, Gibbons & Hill, 1988). This technology produces images in ways never used before that surpasses the imagination of people. The technology posses the ability to give a colour gamut that achieves a wider ranges of colours. Prior to this luminous colours could not be appropriately be displayed but today it has possible been technologically rendered possible. The D-BOX technology has also taken the cinema experience to a whole new level.

The future of cinema besides comfort squarely depends on technology. That is the display with a high resolution and definition, speakers producing identical sound of high quality among other things to ensure customers have the best experience while watching their films. This is up to the Cineworld Group to ensure they secure their future in the business.

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