Dec 13, 2017 in Art

Artwork: Relic by Hung Liu

Relic 12, 2005 by Hung Liu is painted in oil on canvas and lacquered wood. Its size is 66x66". It depicts a woman, a Chinese goddess, who is over her groin. Multiple circles are seen around the painting. They mean Pi in Chinese and translate the meaning of the universe which is surrounding the woman in the painting. The red square is the thing that stands out and is depicted in the middle of the painting. The whole painting is punctuated with red. The centerpiece contrasts with the surface.

The artist’s use of color created a glowing light. Her unlimited imagery and decorative artifacts create an unbelievable meaning. Liu creates a technically proficient painting which pastiches the styles of Western and Asian civilizations. The line work is loose and controlled. The loose line is the paint that seeped down images. The controlled line includes the images which are shown in the form of a giant butterfly and the women lying on her side.

My opinion is that the artist creates depth into the painting and brings it out leaving no blank for further consideration. I would say that the painting is a way of communication with people who look at it and try to think and imagine outside the limits. I think the painting may be considered a representational type of art work because almost every image depicted in the Relic has its own meaning towards something. I believe that a woman in the painting means creation of people and uniformity, whereas the giant butterfly may stand for such feelings as love, change and joy. Liu has the ideal feeling of using color, shadow and light. Pastel and bright colors create a pleasant contrast which makes the onlooker think about their meaning.

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