If you are in the midst of your dissertation production, and you have reached Chapter 4, the discussion portion, you are probably knee-deep in your statistical analysis. This is truly the basis of your work, for it is within this chapter that you analyze the data collected from your research and try to point to conclusions reached as a result of that research. You are probably trying to find statistically significant outcomes, with both quantitative and qualitative results, account for "nuisance factors," and, in so doing, prove your hypothesis or null-hypothesis.

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What you are probably discovering right now is that the statistics course work you completed during your graduate studies is difficult to translate to practical situations, such as your specific research, and you are wishing that you were a statistician, as well as a content specific expert. You have so much data; you have to devise a method by which you will present all data in an academically-sound manner; you are unsure of which formulae to utilize, as you attempt to prepare the narrative, as well as the charts and graphs that are critical to the presentation of your results.

It is easy to get bogged down in this chapter and to agonize over your discussion. You need it to be statistically accurate, and you need the information to flow logically and coherently. This is a tall order, even with the expertise and the total immersion into this project that you have experienced over the past several months. May we make a suggestion?

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  1. Apparent disparities in your predicted outcomes
  2. Explanations of nuisance factors
  3. Substantive analysis of your data for statistically-significant results, with accompanying charts and graphs
  4. Correlation of your research results with the literature review
  5. Delivery of the analysis to your Ph.D. writer for the development of the prose portions of the discussion.

Your Ph.D. content expert will prepare the prose portions of your discussion chapter, correlating them with the data analysis pieces, and then make the perfect transition to your conclusion chapter. Such transitions might hint at future research recommendations that will be contained within your conclusion.

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